Listing method (those living outside Japan)

Those who can participate as an exhibitor of the exhibition:

  • Those aged 12 or older (professional, amateur, nationality, gender etc are not required)

Listing fee and necessary cost:

  • Listing fee: unnecessary (however, exhibited works are not returned)
  • The exhibitor must pay the shipping cost when sending the exhibition work to the organizing committee secretariat.

Rules of Listing:

  • To be an unreleased eraser stamp with original design (theme is free).
  • The maximum size (148mm × 100mm · 5.85 inches × 4.00 inches) within one, be represented by one work.
  • The minimum size is not required, but the general person conducts the vote examination, so extremely small size may be disadvantageous for review.
    ※Things that are overly cruel and indecent, those that contain discriminative and unpleasant expressions, works that are deemed contrary to public order and morals can not be sent to the exhibition.
    ※In addition to the above, works contrary to the purpose of the exhibition will not be exhibited at the discretion of the Steering Committee.
  • Design and production of the work are the same person (collaboration of multiple creators and unit / group works are not allowed).
  • Limited to exhibition of only one work by one creator.
  • Works are made using an eraser within 12 mm (0.5 inches) thick. The manufacturer of the material does not matter.
  • Maximum size of exhibition work is 148 mm (5.85 inches) × 100 mm (4.00 inches), thickness 12 mm (0.5inches) or less “. Only one work can be exhibited per artist.
  • Do not wear a handle (rootstock) in the work.
  • Coloring of the imprint is prohibited.
  • It is possible to color the stamp surface with ink to make it easier to see the design of stamp face. However, it is impossible to state that the work can not be used as a stamp.
  • Please also submit the seal imprint of the work.

Listing conditions and notes

  • Winners of the Gold and Grand Gold will be posted photos of the work in Fair official website (this page).
  • Exhibited works will be handling important to contact, but there is a possibility that unavoidably lost due to damage or theft trouble occurs. In these cases, we do not guarantee the work, so please understand before exhibition.
  • Although it is possible to cancel the exhibition after accepting the exhibition, the exhibited works will not be returned.
  • Works in violation of the rules of exhibition will not be exhibited.
  • The copyright of the exhibited work belongs to the creator of the original work.
  • When exhibited from outside Japan, exhibited works will not be returned. Instead, the listing fee is free.
  • And personal information will be properly managed in compliance with the privacy policy of JESCA Japan Eraser Stamp Creators Association.
  • Please understand that we can not change the work after exhibition. However, we will stop the exhibition of your work.

Flow: Exhibition Application – Exhibition – Fair Competition

  1. Please produce exhibited works according to the rules of exhibition.
  2. Please send the work to the secretariat hosting the exhibition using the international post etc,
    by the deadline is October 19 2020.
  3. Works will be exhibited at the exhibition.

Sending items

  1. Exhibition works
  2. Seal imprint of the exhibition work (paper on which the eraser to be exhibited was printed)
    ※Please make Seal imprint with the same size as the work.

Address to send the work

  • JESCA International Eraser Stamp Fair
    15-7, kita 2chome, Nishi 6jo, Obihiro-City, Hokkaido, 080-0036, JAPAN
  • (The submission deadline is November 1st, 2021)



  • 満12歳以上の男女(プロ・アマチュア、国籍等を問わず)


  • 出品料: 不要(但し出品作品は返却いたしません)※日本国外にお住いの場合
  • 出品作品を品評会開催事務局へ送付する際の送料は出品者負担となります。


  • オリジナルのデザインで未発表のイレイサースタンプであること(テーマは自由)
  • 最小サイズ50mm×50mm以上、最大サイズ148mm×100mm(ハガキサイズ)以内、1点で表現すること
  • デザインと作品の制作が同一の人物であること(コラボやユニット・グループ作品は不可)
  • 厚さ12mm以内の消しゴムであれば材料のメーカーは問わない
  • はがきサイズの用紙に出品作品の印影を押したものも出品すること
  • 印影への着色は禁止です
  • 持ち手(台木)等はつけない
  • 印面がわかりやすいようにインク等で着色することは可(但しスタンプとして使用できない状態のものは不可)


  • 各賞の受賞作品は品評会公式サイト(当ページ)にて作品の写真が掲載されます。
  • 出品作品は大切にお預かりいたしますが、やむを得ず破損・紛失などが起こることがございます、その場合も保証はいたしませんので出品前にご了承ください。
  • 出品受付後に展示を中止をすることはできますが出品作品はご返却いたしません。
  • 出品のルールに違反している作品は展示をいたしません。
  • 出品作品の著作権はオリジナル作品の制作者に帰属します。
  • 日本国外から出品された場合には、出品作品はご返却いたしません(その代わり出品料は無料となっています)
  • 個人情報はJESCA日本イレイサースタンプ協会のプライバシーポリシーに則り適切に管理いたします。
  • 出品後の作品の変更はできませんのでご了承ください(展示の中止のみ承ります)


  • 出品作品の郵送後、第8回品評会締切日(2021年11月1日)翌日以降であれば、SNSやブログで出品作品の写真等を公開することができます。「国際イレイサースタンプ品評会」の開催と併せてご紹介ください。


  1. 出品のルールに沿って出品作品を制作してください
  2. 事務局宛てに2021年11月1日までに郵送(国際郵便等)してください
  3. 品評会にて作品が展示されます(東京・浅草橋)


  1. 出品作品(イレイサースタンプ)
  2. 出品作品の印影(出品するイレイサースタンプを捺したはがきサイズの紙)
  3. 出品者名と作品名



  • 〒080-0036


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